Drain Camera Inspections 

CCTV camera drain inspection

When a drain blocks continuously, even after repairs, there is usually a fault somewhere further into the drain.  The best way to find the problem is with a CCTV camera drain inspection.  We commonly find a bad connection, a collapsed section of drain, a bad fall or a break allowing debris to accumulate inside the drain.

CCTV drain camera inspections with the Drain Camera allow us to locate and identify these problem area’s quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for major repairs unnecessary disruption, in turn saving time and money.

Many times a bit of foresight can save you money, a headache and the discomfort of a blocked drain.  Get your drain inspected now by Klever Plumbing and you could prevent a disaster tomorrow.


CCTV inspection step-by-step

We can carry out a thorough CCTV inspection with no fuss at all. It’s done in three steps

Step 1 – Getting into the drain
We’ll find an access point, from where the CCTV camera will be pushed along the pipe.  In larger pipes the camera might be mounted on a wheeled crawler unit.

Step 2 – Taking a look
Our plumbers will see images from the camera as it moves along the pipe on a monitor screen.  They will then log anything they see – blockages or structural defects – and their location in the pipe.

 Step 3- Compiling our detailed reports
We give you a report of what we’ve found, listing problems and their location or give you a clean bill of health.  This may come complete with photos and video footage if necessary

What CCTV inspections can reveal
Cracked pipes – Pressure from roads, such as a heavy vehicles driving over the pipes can compact the ground causing cracks and fractures in your drainage pipes.  Untreated, these will leak sewerage into the local area, which could result in further damages to the piping and even subsidence causing major structural damage to a property.

Collapsed drains – Can be caused by badly built drains in the first place or a variety of other reasons.  If left, not only are blockages likely, but subsidence and health issues are possible too.


Benefits of CCTV drain Inspection

Reducing bills
When the cause of your drainage emergency isn’t immediately visible, a CCTV camera will often help pinpoint the exact problem and get the job done much more quickly and efficiently.  We’ll be able to see exactly what’s causing the blockage, enabling us to select the best tool for the job, get the work done faster and reduce the cost.

Not just for an emergency situation
CCTV isn’t just useful for finding the source of a current drainage problem, it can help avoid future problems.  A CCTV survey can spot issues long before they develop into something more serious.  Over the years, normal wear and tear can see your drains suffering damage both from usage and from subsidence, tree roots or just poor construction.  The earlier these are spotted the sooner they can be repaired.

Before purchasing a new home or business
If you discover a problem with your new home’s drains after you’ve bought it, it could prove very expensive.  That’s why we offer property pre-purchase surveys, so that you can thoroughly check the condition of the drains in your potential new home with a CCTV camera before you take the big decision to buy it.