Tree Root Cutting

How to Remove The Roots in your Sewer.

The way most plumbers remove tree roots in a sewer pipe is by way of a “drain snake”.  The drain snake has a cutting blade on the tip and when the blade arrives to the root intrusion, it will cut and rip the roots from the sewer pipe.  Using this method will not remove all the roots from the line but will remove most of them.  One way to completely remove all the tree roots is with a large piece of equipment called a hydro-jetter.  The hydro-jetter removes the tree roots using high pressure water like a water laser and cut the roots at point of entry.

Will tree roots break the sewer line?

The answer is yes, tree roots will break the sewer line and at some point will collapse the pipe at some point.  It’s hard for most people to imagine a tree root breaking a sewer pipe, but one of the biggest problems we find with clogged or broken sewer lines has to do with tree roots.  The problem is that most sewer drains are made of clay or material that is not 100% sealed.  When the pipe is not completely sealed, it will develop cracks, slips or breakages that allow roots to find their way in.  Once the roots enter the sewer line, they grow larger in diameter and crack the pipe. it’s important to remove them as soon as possible to avoid larger problems in the future.  Maintaining your sewer line will save you money and grief in the long run.

Nowadays most Sewer lines are made of plastic PVC pipe.  PVC pipe is impervious to most tree root damage and doesn’t degrade and break as easily.  In the past it was a common practice to use clay pipe to construct sewer systems. If your home was built before the early 80s, most likely your sewer line is made of clay and will need attention from time to time.